Kintsugi Workshop: Sunday 30th June & Sunday 14th July 12.00 - 15:00
Kintsugi Workshop: Sunday 30th June & Sunday 14th July 12.00 - 15:00

Kintsugi Workshop: Sunday 30th June & Sunday 14th July 12.00 - 15:00

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6 hours total (2-part workshop)
Learn about the Japanese way of mending broken ceramics with ceramicist Mizuyo Yamashita.  

In this course you will learn to use lacquer and gold (note: we don't use real gold)

Price includes a complete Kintsugi kit to take home
Complimentary drinks included

Time and Dates

Part 1: Sunday 30th June 12.00—15:00
Preparation, gluing, and groundwork

Part 2: Sunday 14th July 12.00—15:00
Finishing and leaving it to dry for a week

What you’ll do

In traditional kintsugi, we use natural lacquer (urushi) and genuine gold. The genuine materials are harder to handle and costly when practising the technique. So, even in this beginners session you will learn to use real urushi (but not real gold).

To shorten the whole process of a few months to 2 weeks, we will use a new type of natural lacquer. You are welcomed to bring more than 1 item. Depending on the simplicity/complexity of the damage, we might be able to fix 2-3 pieces.

The pieces must complete the whole. If there are missing pieces bigger than <5mm dia x 2mm thick> or <10mm dia x 1mm thick>, we won’t be able to fix it completely in this short course. *Glueing and filling is different processes and we cannot do them at the same time if the missing part is big.

A damage in a narrow skinny shapes such as vase or cups might not be fixable. We will need to reach the damaged area with fingers.

Cracks on bigger items are not fixable in this short course. Also gluing many pieces in one go will be difficult. Ideally an item should not be broken into more than 3 pieces. (although this depends on the shape too) If you’d like to check with us whether your piece is fixable in this course or not, please send over a image of the break.

Don’t forget...

All materials are provided. You will receive full Kintsugi Kit to take home. 

You will be sent an email confirmation of your booking. Please keep this as the e-ticket to the workshop.

Bookings are non-refundable. Date changes are not available for this workshop. 


Hato Press, 6a Scawfell Street, E2 8NG

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